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sábado, 10 de setembro de 2011

CBG Max Azria collection presents spring / summer in New York
Started this Thursday, September 8, another Fashion Week New York

NEW YORK - Fashion Week New York started on Thursday when the world remembers the 10th anniversary of the attacks of Sept. 11, but did not diminish the excitement of this famous style event, which this year is definitely colorful.

parade began with the catwalk brand Nicholas K, brothers Nicholas and Christopher Kunz, who brought to New York and vaporous light fabrics, scarves and stoles in large straight hair, often with side tie,
referring to the Gypsy style.
Already have your feet touch the "heavy", with sandals abotinadas many strips thick and very high heels. For men, long hair set the tone of the collection, combined with cropped pants (between the legs) or rolled up to the knees, belts and rope, forming a decidedly casual look. The color palette of earth tones and favored the more closed, dark blue and many shades of gray, with small bits of green and white. At the end of the parade, the designer duo thanked the audience along with his pet dog.
Thousands of fashion lovers prepare to celebrate late on Thursday an event that is already a classic in the Fashion Week: the "Fashion Night Out" (FNO). In parallel to this festival parades, over a thousand shops and boutiques stay open until dawn, offering entertainment, beauty tips, shows and special offers, often with the participation of designers, artists and celebrities.

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