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terça-feira, 13 de setembro de 2011

Dresses for chubby Spring Summer 2011/2012

Gone are the days when being overweight restricts someone use trends and latest fashion clothes.
With the high femininity, the dresses have been a great option, and easier to shape the silhouette and hide excess flab. Some brands have launched summer 2012 collection, this season that the lightness and visual material stripped. Check out a few releases for the season:

Trends for Spring Summer 2011 2012 permeating the dresses in the collection are: the pattern fruity, long dresses with cutouts and 70's references.
The plus size fashion market is growing, providing more options to the female wardrobe, especially about the dresses, which for the summer 2012 model had more fluffy and worked over the top, balancing the silhouette

Exit to buy clothes is very nice. Almost every woman likes to buy a little piece of your wardrobe every month, in some cases every week!

But to complicate things a chubby little. Usually the chubby and have low self-esteem does not like to dress up and fashion and finds that they be feshion is the skinny thing!

No! You are wrong to. Fashion is made ​​for all. I agree that the fashion shows is a tyranny and imposing a too thin. But the plump can not lose hope.

The big problem with girls who use the dummy a bit larger is the lack of information when buying clothes.

The chubby also have different bodies. One with broader shoulders, narrower shoulders, wider hips and slimmer, with a waist belt or with less ... It marked the chubby highest and the lowest as well.

So girls, I'll put down some rules that can help in choosing a look in a store.
First you must accept yourself as you have self-esteem and pride in being who you are. Then study your body. See which part of your body is more beautiful. Usually the chubby neck is very beautiful. What is the widest part, from the waist up or down.

Stop in front of a mirror underwear and study your body and then use it to study the rules below and good shopping.

After this experience I want to comment as shopping more aware of what to wear.
Hangers in the stores there are many things. But you need to know what to wear to promote their body and transform your vision into a disaster.

The rules:
Avoid tight fitting pieces , but avoid to wide

sábado, 10 de setembro de 2011

Gucci Award
No doubt Jessica Chastain is one of its best practitioners. In the excellent reviews for his last roles harvested, add your upcoming projects, such as Salome, the film Wild just introduced as part of the Venice Film Festival where this weekend has been a very special prize: the first edition of The Gucci award, which has just opened the Italian firm that aims to highlight the role of women in film. 
The party following the awards ceremony was one of the most important events of the weekend: Madonna, Salma Hayek, Natasha Poly and Bianca Brandolini were among the familiar faces who did not want to miss the event at the Hotel Cipriani in city ​​of canals.
See some photos:


CBG Max Azria collection presents spring / summer in New York
Started this Thursday, September 8, another Fashion Week New York

NEW YORK - Fashion Week New York started on Thursday when the world remembers the 10th anniversary of the attacks of Sept. 11, but did not diminish the excitement of this famous style event, which this year is definitely colorful.

parade began with the catwalk brand Nicholas K, brothers Nicholas and Christopher Kunz, who brought to New York and vaporous light fabrics, scarves and stoles in large straight hair, often with side tie,
referring to the Gypsy style.
Already have your feet touch the "heavy", with sandals abotinadas many strips thick and very high heels. For men, long hair set the tone of the collection, combined with cropped pants (between the legs) or rolled up to the knees, belts and rope, forming a decidedly casual look. The color palette of earth tones and favored the more closed, dark blue and many shades of gray, with small bits of green and white. At the end of the parade, the designer duo thanked the audience along with his pet dog.
Thousands of fashion lovers prepare to celebrate late on Thursday an event that is already a classic in the Fashion Week: the "Fashion Night Out" (FNO). In parallel to this festival parades, over a thousand shops and boutiques stay open until dawn, offering entertainment, beauty tips, shows and special offers, often with the participation of designers, artists and celebrities.

Nude Pumps

Pumps I always loved .. look good with everything!

Learn to use masculine look in clothes

Learn to use masculine look in clothes

Not today, nor it is a new adaptation that women do in men's clothing items to dress themselves in looks and personality endowed with comfort. However, for the coming seasons this trend promises to capture a much larger number of adherents.

There are some stations have accompanied the rise of cut pieces of male domination in the wardrobe of them. As an example, pants boyfriend that peaked in the last two summers. More recently were the accessories that have come under greater influence of this style, such as Oxford and moccasin models, so popular this fall and winter will still be in vogue in summer 2012.

Pay attention to the quality of the cut, trim, and the balance of the combinations are very important points to the success of these looks as evidenced inside and even outside the international catwalks.

Boyish style

Boyish style is the menswear trend that brings women to the cabinet. What woman does not have a shirt, a suit, a vest, a pair of tailor's, or more recently, a boyfriend jeans, an oxford shoe or a coturno?

The "secret" style is to mix these parts (which are inspired by menswear, but made ​​to enhance a woman's body) with accessories and spare more feminine, not to be overly masculine.

The more daring have also used tie. Some use the traditional model other butterfly.

quinta-feira, 8 de setembro de 2011

Pattern Chess: The newest fashion trend for summer 2012!

Back to the scene of a prominent fashion circuit a few seasons ago, the pattern chess has gained more space in the seasons of fashion, not only through traditional and elegant "Tartans", but rather has drawn attention to other variations. Thus, we came following the return of this pattern gradually being that now, for spring summer 2011 2012 he arrives in vogue in both proposals female and male in production.

plaid pattern in women's fashion for 2012

Looks for women, are checked and colored, smooth or rather contrasts with (especially evident in the mix of Hering) maxi sizes that stand out, especially in dresses and T-shirts for casual aesthetic. Shorts, skirts and swimwear items, however, are also renewed by this pattern even though these have smaller versions of raster.
As for the male audience, the proposals essentially youthful and funky chess are the most frequent co mo in the collection recently released by Triton. The short-sleeved shirts, as well as models of long sleeves and shorts emblazoned with these patterns come to renew rings with personality and stripped the looks of men's fashion summer 2012. Here, the red tones give way to the compositions in which green, blue, gray, yellow and pink predominate among the neutral black and white.

Vichy Check: tendency to womenswear, menswear and accessories of summer 2012
Despite the more traditional motives remain in vogue, is the famous chess Vichy evidence for arriving at these upcoming seasons. Since the D & G has appropriated it to stamp skirts, shorts, dresses, monkeys, men's shirts, bags and sunglasses, there were many brands that also invested in this style to update their collections, as was the case of Chanel and Miu Miu.

The resulting visual pattern assume this bucolic and rustic air, since the pattern is closely related to the open grasslands, where they are seen in the curtains and towels features picnic. In the new collection of chess Dzarm see Vichy evidenced both for them and for them.

Paris. Winter 2012: Marc Jacobs Megashow aristocratic weapon in Louis Vuitton to end the French fashion week

In the collection by Marc Jacobs during Fashion Week in New York, he made a strong connection to that world, delivering an ode to New York of the 80 who did what fashion should do: put people in a good mood . A great mood, a mood wildly extraordinary.
Much was made of black scale, nothing of mega scenery, bordered with no band, Sonic Youth or to enhance entertainment, Jacobs decided that the girls would do it alone. Thus, unlike last season and most of the shows of designers, he brought a look of singular beauty. He said that now, the hair and makeup are the main accessories. And how! Their hair looks like cotton candy eyes were complemented by richly lacquered and remarkably. The result was a different girl from the other, but following the same style, same as girls in a party. The looks began with a relative calm in gray sweaters over pants or skirts fluffy looking. Then came the wildest kind. They wore party dresses, coats incredible, including the shocking neons, jackets and dresses with straps on the shoulders, ponchos Astrakhan and yes, a lot of high-waisted pants and skirts, with volume set on the hips and ankles and pleated satin blouses

How to get referrals for sport, some saw the covers Bonnie Cashin sparkling and nobody could forget the ode to Stephen Sprouse, the second recent Jacobs tribute to his friend and collaborator on the heels of the commemorative collection of Louis Vuitton.

It was praiseworthy, since this collection was a consummately American in a time when American fashion needs a powerful brand. In fact, deliberately or not, Marc Jacobs put it under an American flag, positioned at the top of the beam of the 69th Regiment Armory

You're tired of leopard print? the fashion now is the snake!

So here's a great news for you!

The 2012 winter international catwalks and fashion shows have announced the summer 2012 confirmed: the snake is the animal print time. And the boat was so well since no one will want to take a leopard, has returned to classic hit in recent seasons, the closet.
Gucci, Chloé, Hermès and Prada are some of the brands that have invested in print, always in large proportions, skirts, blazers and dresses

In national catwalks: Agatha, and Lenny Space Fashion

Here, the pattern appeared with colored glaze finish in Space Fashion (well in line with the international fashion shows), but the beach is that distills his snake venom: Lenny, CIA and Marine Blue Man put on the catwalk and Jo de Mer, and Lemonade Dibikini have already secured space pattern of the racks.
In accessories, the flirtation with the python got stronger and the result is a choice of bags, and pumps Clutchs for those who want to keep the snake in the details.

Lighter rim. Warm and flattering, they have a privileged niche in a season with a clear seventies in which the colors chocolate brown brick or play a role. Thus we have seen Rodarte.

Fall Nails Tons of fluorine nude, purple, blue, denim

Is confirmed. The nail polish is the new fashion accessory. If in recent seasons he held the rank of a new lipstick, a step up this fall and confirmed its hegemony in the world of the must have.

Therefore, at this stage of summer, it is imperative to develop the definitive guide to colors and trends for next fall. From demure and discreet nude tones to warm tile seventies influence, through the shimmering effect lacquers and more intense colors such.

The tone Nude rising from the ashes after the trend and vibrant colors last year, shows that 2011 calls for a little more discretion.
Reinforcing the theory, pastels draw much attention on SPFW and will soon be seen on the streets too.
The yellowing base will also have their firm place in this season.

Donna Karan offers a flattering shade of pink ice combined with a tone eyeshadow tile. To wear this lipstick is a must-looking skin, exfoliated lips carefully.

Kate Bosworth is usually faithful to his lips in matt. In one of his last appearances we have seen with one of the more measured tones, a strawberry off, perfect to combine with snow-white complexion and untainted.

Velvet Lips

How to use the color red in the fall in all it possibilities

Although their usage is simple-Peter Philips, director of makeup creation of Chanel, should first draw the outline of lips with a pencil, apply color and press a tissue between the lips to improve their setting, it is important to note that these textures easily make lip wrinkles, so skin care in this area must be tightened.

We have seen tones tiles in Dsquared, rose ice in Donates Karan, nude in Lanvin, chorale in Ricci Girl

Learn how to use matte opaque matte lipstick

You saw how the lips were opaque?

Strong Yankee trend on the runways, matte lipstick took over the city, the streets, and even of our everyday lives! And slowly was taking care of the mouth and necessaire for many women.
The colors are fuchsia, red, tomato, orange and grape, those who prefer the brightness of the gloss without problems, also looks great! setting and charm also continues matt lipstick, but as the fashion of the lips is opaque matte lipstick matte.
And want to know where was the gloss? For your eyes!! Yeah! an idea that did not please many people.

Here's the step by step how to use this beautiful tone

1º) Moisturize your lips with lip balm or bephantol at least 2x a day to not lose the lipstick texture, crackle and not set for much longer!

2º) If your lips get chapped easily because of the weather, here's some hints:
Apply a lip balm around the lips, a kiss paper towels, tissue etc to remove the excess and thereafter pass the baton lipstick on the lips and if you need to make a correction with a very thin brush.

I hope you enjoy the tips.