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terça-feira, 13 de setembro de 2011

Dresses for chubby Spring Summer 2011/2012

Gone are the days when being overweight restricts someone use trends and latest fashion clothes.
With the high femininity, the dresses have been a great option, and easier to shape the silhouette and hide excess flab. Some brands have launched summer 2012 collection, this season that the lightness and visual material stripped. Check out a few releases for the season:

Trends for Spring Summer 2011 2012 permeating the dresses in the collection are: the pattern fruity, long dresses with cutouts and 70's references.
The plus size fashion market is growing, providing more options to the female wardrobe, especially about the dresses, which for the summer 2012 model had more fluffy and worked over the top, balancing the silhouette

Exit to buy clothes is very nice. Almost every woman likes to buy a little piece of your wardrobe every month, in some cases every week!

But to complicate things a chubby little. Usually the chubby and have low self-esteem does not like to dress up and fashion and finds that they be feshion is the skinny thing!

No! You are wrong to. Fashion is made ​​for all. I agree that the fashion shows is a tyranny and imposing a too thin. But the plump can not lose hope.

The big problem with girls who use the dummy a bit larger is the lack of information when buying clothes.

The chubby also have different bodies. One with broader shoulders, narrower shoulders, wider hips and slimmer, with a waist belt or with less ... It marked the chubby highest and the lowest as well.

So girls, I'll put down some rules that can help in choosing a look in a store.
First you must accept yourself as you have self-esteem and pride in being who you are. Then study your body. See which part of your body is more beautiful. Usually the chubby neck is very beautiful. What is the widest part, from the waist up or down.

Stop in front of a mirror underwear and study your body and then use it to study the rules below and good shopping.

After this experience I want to comment as shopping more aware of what to wear.
Hangers in the stores there are many things. But you need to know what to wear to promote their body and transform your vision into a disaster.

The rules:
Avoid tight fitting pieces , but avoid to wide

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