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quinta-feira, 8 de setembro de 2011

Fall Nails Tons of fluorine nude, purple, blue, denim

Is confirmed. The nail polish is the new fashion accessory. If in recent seasons he held the rank of a new lipstick, a step up this fall and confirmed its hegemony in the world of the must have.

Therefore, at this stage of summer, it is imperative to develop the definitive guide to colors and trends for next fall. From demure and discreet nude tones to warm tile seventies influence, through the shimmering effect lacquers and more intense colors such.

The tone Nude rising from the ashes after the trend and vibrant colors last year, shows that 2011 calls for a little more discretion.
Reinforcing the theory, pastels draw much attention on SPFW and will soon be seen on the streets too.
The yellowing base will also have their firm place in this season.

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