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quinta-feira, 8 de setembro de 2011

Paris. Winter 2012: Marc Jacobs Megashow aristocratic weapon in Louis Vuitton to end the French fashion week

In the collection by Marc Jacobs during Fashion Week in New York, he made a strong connection to that world, delivering an ode to New York of the 80 who did what fashion should do: put people in a good mood . A great mood, a mood wildly extraordinary.
Much was made of black scale, nothing of mega scenery, bordered with no band, Sonic Youth or to enhance entertainment, Jacobs decided that the girls would do it alone. Thus, unlike last season and most of the shows of designers, he brought a look of singular beauty. He said that now, the hair and makeup are the main accessories. And how! Their hair looks like cotton candy eyes were complemented by richly lacquered and remarkably. The result was a different girl from the other, but following the same style, same as girls in a party. The looks began with a relative calm in gray sweaters over pants or skirts fluffy looking. Then came the wildest kind. They wore party dresses, coats incredible, including the shocking neons, jackets and dresses with straps on the shoulders, ponchos Astrakhan and yes, a lot of high-waisted pants and skirts, with volume set on the hips and ankles and pleated satin blouses

How to get referrals for sport, some saw the covers Bonnie Cashin sparkling and nobody could forget the ode to Stephen Sprouse, the second recent Jacobs tribute to his friend and collaborator on the heels of the commemorative collection of Louis Vuitton.

It was praiseworthy, since this collection was a consummately American in a time when American fashion needs a powerful brand. In fact, deliberately or not, Marc Jacobs put it under an American flag, positioned at the top of the beam of the 69th Regiment Armory

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