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quinta-feira, 8 de setembro de 2011

Velvet Lips

How to use the color red in the fall in all it possibilities

Although their usage is simple-Peter Philips, director of makeup creation of Chanel, should first draw the outline of lips with a pencil, apply color and press a tissue between the lips to improve their setting, it is important to note that these textures easily make lip wrinkles, so skin care in this area must be tightened.

We have seen tones tiles in Dsquared, rose ice in Donates Karan, nude in Lanvin, chorale in Ricci Girl

Learn how to use matte opaque matte lipstick

You saw how the lips were opaque?

Strong Yankee trend on the runways, matte lipstick took over the city, the streets, and even of our everyday lives! And slowly was taking care of the mouth and necessaire for many women.
The colors are fuchsia, red, tomato, orange and grape, those who prefer the brightness of the gloss without problems, also looks great! setting and charm also continues matt lipstick, but as the fashion of the lips is opaque matte lipstick matte.
And want to know where was the gloss? For your eyes!! Yeah! an idea that did not please many people.

Here's the step by step how to use this beautiful tone

1º) Moisturize your lips with lip balm or bephantol at least 2x a day to not lose the lipstick texture, crackle and not set for much longer!

2º) If your lips get chapped easily because of the weather, here's some hints:
Apply a lip balm around the lips, a kiss paper towels, tissue etc to remove the excess and thereafter pass the baton lipstick on the lips and if you need to make a correction with a very thin brush.

I hope you enjoy the tips.

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